The Belgium Area Chamber of Commerce—"Small Things, Big Difference" Campaign is in full swing. The campaign employs banners, direct mail, lawn signs and parade floats.

The Challenge:

Local communities miss the connection between the dollars-and-change they spend at local business and very their own bank balance.

The Plan:

Educate the local community as to the direct impact of spending locally. If you spend local you earn local.

The Attack:

Update the promotional campaign

By cleaning up the design.

Enhance Delivery

With memorable concept to boost information recall. A simple receipt and pocket change is a great common image to reinforce how little things can have a big impact.

Produce a multi-pronged campaign.

Banners, direct mail, yard signs and parade float graphics.

The original Belgium Area Chamber of Commerce—"Small Things, Big Difference" Campaign was a nice start but was in need of some serious design overhaul. No offense to the designer—this is a lot of information. The challenge is to make it visually appealing and easy to recall.

Congrats to Belgium for it’s tremendous growth unending drive!

Chamber of Commerce that really works for it’s Local Businesses.

It sounds strange but most Chambers have no idea how to promote the importance of supporting local business .

Belgium is not one of them. The proof is evident in everything they do...

The Belgium Area Chamber of Commerce encourages and facilitates industrial invenstment, works to attract and promote retail buinsess, engages with state and local resources to increase the tourism dollars coming to Belgium, and educates local consumers about the benefits buying local brings to the community.

Belgium Area Chamber of Commerce should be praised for it’s simple comprehension of local economies and how they are inextricably tied to local businesses. Belgium is more than a growing thriving economy, it a wonderful place to live and raise a Family. Quality of life is at the core of what drives their efforts.

Tourism is 100% of Southeastern Wisconsin’s Communities Life Blood.

Belgium understands that if the Tourism experience is fruitful, then so will go the Economy.