(Exterior signage/billboard)

Heritage Publishing Co. Inc.

Port Washington WI

refused to update the old

rabbit & press logo...

That’s fine by Slingshot Branding.

The first thing we wanted to do was change the logo—Until we learned the history and sentiment that was attached to it. Still we had to reach a wider audience, raise market awareness and broadcast Heritage Publishing’s capabilities.

The Challenge:

Update the brand without changing the logo.

Increase and expand market presence.

The Plan:

Instead of shying away from the relatively dated logo, embrace it—push it further.

Develop a website that will begin to showcase capabilities and visitors will remember.

Develop promotional poster to get the web address out there.

The Attack:

Developed hpubco.com  a place to tell the

Heritage Publishing Company story.

Who are they? What do they do? Where are they?

How long have they been around..

Include the humor of Fast Reproducing Rabbits.

Develop signage that promotes the new, short and easy to recall the hpubco.com URL/address.

Leverage an intriguing imageryAn inconspicuous bunch of rabbits sitting on printed and copied materials, is at the center of this initiative

The "rabbits reproducing" thing is a pretty rich topic—stay tuned for some fun memorable ads all done to drive traffic to hpubco.com and ultimately through the front door...