There is no fresher Produce in Port Washington.

The shortest time between harvest and your plate is the true test of fresh.

Shortest Time = More Flavor and More Nutrients.

1) The original logo was filled with focal points—all of them relevant and good. But far to many.

2) The use of the iconic Port Washington Lighthouse is a good idea but there are over a half dozen lighthouse logos in PW.

3) The original logo had essentially three tag lines—"Naturally Grown", "Grow, Buy, Sell Local", and Roots to Our Future".

Very meaningful language, but which one best represents the PF brand?...

PortFish, Ltd is a nonprofit organization formed to address, and raise awareness about, issues and concerns regarding our current and future food supply.  Our hope is to establish an independent, local, sustainable, and year-round food system in our community; developing a working model that other communities can follow.

PortFish is experimenting with alternative growing systems, including aquaponics and hydroponics, that can produce food for our community year-round.

Consumers and retailers can purchase our greens through local Farmers’ Markets, our seasonal roadside stand, or direct from our facility through our CSA.

1) Simplify the brand’s logo by eliminating the mulitude of statements  and clarify the brands mission.

2) Utilize imagery that clearly illustrates the brands geographic (along the shores of Lake Michigan) and it’s core product—Fresh leaf produce.

3) Streamline to a single statement with sharp focus on the mission of PortFish which is simply to "Feed Everyone".

The Challenge:

They need your business or they will go away.

The Plan:

Educate the need to develop and embrace the critical importance of producing nutrient rich food, year round,

that can sustain people.Clarify brand mission (to consumers)

The Attack:

Update the Logo and tag line to communicate the singular  

  point that drives them. "Feed Everyone"

Enhance Delivery of fresh produce to our community.

Keep its Footprint Small

  and expand it’s reach and sales.

Explain why fresh is best. It is the singular best point of difference between PortFish and any other produce in the local market (or Southeastern Wisconsin for that matter)