The Shorewood Floors brand is taking shape as it goes. A brand with no plan demands articulating a cohesive brand story as individual needs came up. This website is the prefeace to what we hope will begin a beautiful and smart brand story.  Plan or no plan.



A  logo inspired by the very grain of the  product Shorewood Floors crafts. Shorewood Floors

is a new Prefinished hardwood flooring manufacturer that boasts its renewable and discerning harvesting methods based on Native American stewardship. The logo is symbolic of a winding shoreline that feels like the natural grain of it’s wood floors all coming together as an initial cap "S".

Package design:

2 colors on white corrugate—

Why should this package matter? Because it’s basically an on job site business card that carries the website URL. It let’s the builders and property owners know that they have chosen to use only the best building materials right down to the floors.

"Only exceptional timbers make the Shorewood Floors cut."


Every brand is looking to check this box off the marketing list. The problem is some rely souley on Facebook to build awareness. Big mistake. Facebook is a piece of the brand puzzle. Content is the real work. Facebook with no posts is the sign of a lazy brand. So stay on the grind.


How do we highlight Shorewood Floors as  truly unique manufacturer. We chose to target the consumer mind—Instead of getting lost in the crowded contractor flea market looking for the cheapest materials, we chose to persuade the consumer to demand the SF brand.

Product Brochure:

Yes, traditional print has declined over the years

but any brand hypnotized by the promise that all is accomplished by web and facebook alone are not leader brands. As long as humans have fingers, we’ll enjoy turning the printed page. The targets who enjoy printed brand communications have money to purchase your product (beyond bitcoin). Don’t limit them to bad smartphone photos you post on social hubs. Control your media. Print is still King.